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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Nashville Ear Review

CD by Dwayna Litz
"I'm The Girl I Used To Know Again"

If you have ever loved someone with all your being you should listen to this wonderful CD by the excellent vocalist  You will enjoy this heart felt collection of songs most of which are about being in love. Dwayna's songs are well written and create that stirring of emotion in your heart as you listen that makes her songs so special. Her vocal ability is sweet and strong at the same time. There is a down home coolness in her songs that speak to strong love as well as unrequited love.
Dwayna's fantastic vocal ability includes that upper range sweetness that Dolly Parton has proven to be a winning sound. I have really enjoyed listening to this new project of Dwayna Litz. I strongly suggest you check into Dwayna Litz soon.
Her CD is a wonderful collection of well written songs with excellent musical backup to support her strong vocal performance. You should be hearing good things from this artist in the future. She has done a great job on her CD "I'm The Girl I Used To Know Again".
My favorite songs were "I'm The Girl I Used To Know Again" & "I Forgive You".

More about Dwayna Litz  here:

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